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Remote Fuel Tank Monitoring Can Reduce Winter Emergencies

Remote Oil Tank Monitoring

Bantam, CT – State-of-the art wireless monitoring of fuel tanks is now available at Bantam Home & Energy, according to company president Peter Aziz. Remote Tank Monitoring uses the latest in wireless telemetry to provide real-time tracking of fuel levels.

Remote Tank Monitors can be used with propane tanks and above ground oil tanks, both indoor and outdoor. The monitors work year-round, even under a blanket of snow. That makes it a perfect solution for many homeowners in Litchfield County who own second homes or travel a lot during the winter. These monitors can eliminate the worry of heating an unoccupied house during severe cold weather, according to Aziz.

We’re able to put a monitor on the gauge of the fuel tank that transmits readings right to the computers in our office. The readings are monitored daily and if a tank is running low, delivery is scheduled before there is any risk of running out. The peace of mind this affords customers is priceless. Monitors are also recommended for anyone who uses unpredictable amounts of fuel, such as for a generator in the winter, or a pool heater during the warmer months.

These high tech solutions allow us to offer our customers an unprecedented level of service.

– Peter Aziz

Bantam Home & Energy is a full service company providing automatic delivery of bioheat heating oil and propane, heating and air conditioning installation and service, plumbing, as well as an array of energy efficiency and conservation services. Bantam Home & Energy is a member of the Connecticut Energy Marketers Association. For more information email or call 860.567.9431

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