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What’s new about today’s heating oil? Everything.

Its time to forget everything you think you know about heating oil. Today’s heating oil is clean, environmentally green and renewable. What we used to call heating oil is now Bioheat® - a blend of traditional heating oil and Biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a carbon-neutral fuel that is 100% renewable, locally grown, and as environmentally friendly as solar power.

Traditional heating oil alone is dramatically different from the heating oil of years ago because it has a fraction of the sulfur it used to have[1], so it burns much cleaner and more efficiently. Biodiesel is a carbon-neutral fuel that is 100% renewable, locally grown, and as environmentally friendly as solar power. Blended together, these fuels produce exceptionally clean, renewable Bioheat.

Proven to be as clean or cleaner than natural gas.

Clean Bioheat Oil

A recent study using Brookhaven National Laboratory’s test methods comparing the emissions from heating oil and biodiesel blends with those from natural gas yielded stunning results: Bioheat emissions were equal to, or even less than those from natural gas appliances, notably CO2 equivalent lifecycle-emissions, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particular matter.[2]


Renewable. Reliable. Local.

Bioheat is more than just a clean fuel. It’s also the most widely available renewable fuel in America. It works perfectly in the heating system you already own and is delivered right to your door. What’s more, when you use Bioheat, you can feel good that it:

  • Is better for the environment than Natural Gas
  • Is locally produced
  • Reduces our dependence on foreign petroleum

Bantam Home & Energy: A Leader in Delivering Green Fuels

In 2006 Bantam Home & Energy was the first in the region to deliver bioheat. In 2015, we’re continuing to lead the way by delivering Bantam Bioheat blends of up to 10% biodiesel. We’re proud to be pioneering this trend, delivering our customers the cleanest, most renewable fuel in Northwest CT.

Delivering environmentally friendly fuels is just a part of Bantam Home & Energy’s mission to help customers improve comfort and efficiency in their homes. As Northwest Connecticut’s complete home energy solutions provider, we save people money and energy, while making their homes more comfortable. In addition to automatic delivery of Propane and Bantam Bioheat Heating Oil, we also offer installation of high-efficiency Heating and Cooling systems, Plumbing Services for repairs or remodels, Generators, Insulation, Home Energy Audits and many smart home solutions such as WiFi thermostats and Remote Tank Monitoring. And for complete peace of mind, our expert technicians are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including weekends and holidays.



  1. ^ In July 2014 the sulfur content for all home heating oil delivered in Connecticut was reduced from 3000 parts per million to 500 parts per million. A further reduction to 15 parts per million by July 2018 will result in a 99.5% total reduction in sulfur.
  2. ^ Final Report Resource Analysis of Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Residential Boilers for Space Heating and Hot Water, Revised February 2009 run by ICF International, using test methods developed at Brookhaven National Laboratory and the 20 year atmospheric lifetime analysis advocated by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 4th Assessment Report, measuring CO2e, NOx, SO2 and MP2.5 (with both fuels running in the non-condensing boilers of modern heating systems and water heaters), updated to reflect the environmental impact of the shift from Liquid Natural Gas to Shale Gas, developed for the State of Massachusetts.

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