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Bantam Bioheat. The Better Choice.

Bantam Bioheat. The Better Choice.

Cool autumn days are just around the corner, and the weather forecasters are predicting a cold winter ahead. Have you chosen your home heating oil company yet?

When a Bantam Home & Energy truck pulls into your driveway, we’re filling it with clean and green Bantam BioHeat. In fact, we have been supplying BioHeat to our customers since 2006, when we became the first company in Northwest Connecticut to deliver this environmentally-friendly heating oil.

Simply put, Bantam BioHeat is the newest generation of home heating oil, and it’s not just good for the environment, it’s good for your furnace. When you order home heating oil from us, you’re getting a blend of traditional heating oil and biodiesel, which is a domestically produced, renewable fuel made from organic materials such as canola and soybean oils, and recycled cooking oils.

“BioHeat is one of the fastest
growing alternative fuels.”

BioHeat Benefits

Bantam BioHeat is good for the environment, the economy, your home – and your budget:

  1. Bantam BioHeat works in the furnace or boiler you already have, and easily blends with any heating oil in your tank.

  2. It burns cleaner than traditional heating oil, and Bantam BioHeat’s lubricating properties naturally clean your system. So your furnace/boiler will perform better and more efficiently – and could even have a longer life (which may result cost savings).

  3. According to a recent study by the Brookhaven National Laboratory, a blend created with as little as two percent biodiesel and traditional heating oil, is as clean as natural gas.

  4. Bantam BioHeat costs no more than traditional heating oil.

And there’s more. Bantam BioHeat is a more sustainable, domestic product which reduces our dependence on foreign petroleum – and provides jobs in the United States.

That’s why today, BioHeat is one of the fastest growing alternative fuels.     

The Alchemy of Bantam BioHeat

Let’s break it all down. In the simplest of terms, Bantam BioHeat is made by blending biodiesel and high quality, low-sulfur home heating oil. 

The foundation of biodiesel is organic – living – matter. Think soybeans, canola, algae and recovered cooking oils. These organic materials are known in the production process as “feedstock.” They are renewable materials that allow for quick and sustainable production. (Contrast this with fuels such as gasoline and coal, which are not considered renewable because they literally take millions of years to form.)

Biodiesel is created through a chemical reaction called transesterification. If you’re not a chemistry buff, that’s an intimidating way of explaining the process of breaking down fats – which are the organic feedstocks that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Now that we have biodiesel, it’s time to make BioHeat! Common BioHeat blends in the industry are comprised of 5 percent biodiesel and 95 percent standard heating oil, and this is known as B5. Bantam Home & Energy blends its own BioHeat with up to 20 percent biodiesel, known as B20.

We’re Committed to You and Your Family

Bantam Home & Energy is relentless in its pursuit of quality. “We began delivering low blends of BioHeat 10 years ago, and are leading the way with increased blends that are proven to be much cleaner for the home, and for the environment. We’re proud of the quality we’re able to provide our customers” said Peter Aziz, the company’s owner.

Learn more about Bioheat and why it’s a good choice for home heating.


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