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BioHeat Heating Oil

Cleaner, more efficient heating oil from Bantam Home & Energy.

BioHeat Heating Oil is better for your heating system, and for the planet. Bantam BioHeat, a blend of premium heating oil and up to 5% biodiesel:

  • burns cleaner and at a higher efficiency, so you burn less fuel
  • has less odor and fewer emissions
  • has less sediment and creates less soot, so your system lasts longer, with fewer service problems
  • is the same price as traditional heating oil

Bantam Home & Energy was the first company in Northwest Connecticut to provide customers with more environmentally friendly home heating fuel, and continues to be at the forefront of the movement to increase blend levels to offer cleaner, greener fuels.

For the best value in automatic delivery of fuel, as well as products and services to meet the energy needs of your home, check out our Preferred Bundle.

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