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Tank Services

Total Oil Tank Services.

A leaking oil tank is messy and often very expensive to fix. What’s more, it presents a severe environmental hazard. By testing your tank, we can detect internal corrosion before it becomes a leak. We now offer tank testing as part of our annual Tune-Up, and it’s a free service for customers enrolled in our Preferred Service Plan, Our Oil Tank Services include:


  • Oil Tank Ultrasound - A 15-minute test that measures the amount of corrosion inside the tank. We'll email you a complete, easy-to-understand report of the findings.
  • Oil Tank Replacement - Our technicians are licensed Replacement Specialists, so we can install a new fuel tank if necessary. Today’s oil tanks are small enough to fit through doorways, so installing a new tank is easier than you think.
  • Underground Tank Excavation - If your underground oil tank needs to be replaced, we can remove it, perform a soil contamination test, install a new basement tank – even transfer your oil from the old tank to the new one!

Trust Bantam Home & Energy to safely and accurately test, remove,
or replace your existing oil tank. Call 860.567.9431 or email to schedule an evaluation.

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