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Total home energy efficiency starts here.

We’d all like to save money on energy costs and here’s a good place to start: MyHomeEnergyReport™ from Bantam Home & Energy. MyHomeEnergyReport reveals how much energy your home is using and losing, and helps you develop a plan to save money on annual energy costs. Here’s how it works: Our Certified Energy Specialists perform a complete survey of your home, covering everything from your heating system’s combustion efficiency to structural air-tightness – even the efficiency of your appliances. Once we complete the assessment, we’ll send you a personalized MyHomeEnergyReport, showing the results in easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The report details:

  • Your home’s overall rating score.
  • A better understanding of how your home currently uses energy.
  • Suggestions on how to raise the efficiency levels of weak areas.
  • A Fix-It list with tasks you can customize to complete within your own timeline and budget.

Call us at 860.567.9431 to schedule your home energy assessment today!

Home Services
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